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Autism Training Videos

These videos provide a basic introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) appropriate for family members, school personnel including teacher assistants and general education staff as well as community members who want to learn about this increasingly prevalent disorder and basic effective strategies for interacting with individuals with ASD. The first video was produced in conjunction with World Class Communication Technologies, LLC in 2005 and distributed to all Illinois school districts. Both videos are now available online. DVD copies may be ordered through and soon will be available in Spanish.

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Basic Level Online Autism Training Courses

Three Online Course Versions for Continuing Professional Development, Graduate and Undergraduate Credit Seeking Students

Target Audience:
For individuals who work and live with children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders including  family, special and general educators, speech language pathologists, social workers, psychologists, behavior specialists, occupational and physical therapists and administrator

Training Content:

  • Introduction to ASD including Characteristics and Prevalence
  • Person – Centered Planning
  • Assessment Tools
  • Communication including Expressive, Receptive and Pragmatic
  • Behavior including Functional Behavior Assessment and Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis and Discrete Trial Instruction
  • Sensory Processing Issues
  • Tying It All Together including Evidence-based Practices and Strategies  

Free Non-Credit Course

The Free on-line course on autism spectrum disorder is being updated and will be available soon. Please check back for avaialbility and registration.

Email Mindy Bolin at Please provide name and contact information.

For more information download the online course flier.


Undergraduate Workshop:
SED 193.04
Workshop in Special Education. Introduction to Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders (3 credits)
Graduate Workshop: 
SED 452
Foundation Level Workshop in Autism and Related Disorders (3 credits)

*New Course Offering:*
Graduate Workshop:
SED 493.15
Advanced Instructional Strategies in ASD (3 credits) (Prerequisite: SED 452)

For course information and exact session dates, contact Nikki Michalak at or Mindy Bolin at Please provide name and contact information.

Stay tuned for new registration and course information.


IATTAP Experiential Practicum Schools/Districts (trained by year)

2011 Experiential Teams (trained by districts)

2010 Experiential Teams Revised (trained by districts)

2010 Experiential Teams (trained by districts)

2009 Experiential Teams (trained by districts)

2008 Experiential Teams (trained by districts)

2007 Experiential Teams (trained by districts)

2006 Experiential Teams (trained by districts)


IATTAP Focus Family Schools

2007 Focus Family Teams (trained by district)

2006 Focus Family Teams (trained by district)


NAMI Illinois North: Piecing it All Together Conference

How Children’s Mental Health/Mental Illness Affects Home, School & Community. NAMI Illinois proudly announces the latest concept in mental health education: a conference focused on childhood mental health conditions designed for parents, teachers, and mental health and justice system professionals to attend. Piecing It All Together (PIAT) brings all these groups together to learn from national and regional experts about current research and treatments and to hear the same message of hope for the future. The most important people in a child’s life will gain new skills and information to help that child achieve success at home, at school, and in life. If you love or work with a child with an emotional disorder such as ADHD, depression, or bipolar disorder, PIAT is a conference you will want to attend!

April 29, 2013
Moraine Valley Community College
Palos Hills , Il
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