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Kathy Gould, Project Director
IATTAP State Office

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Important Announcement:

Website Change: Please visit the Illinois Statewide Technical Assistance Collaborative ( for current information on ISTAC's autism support to school districts. While that website is in development, the content on will remain available for schools to use.

Training/TA Requests: ISTAC's 2014-15 integrated training and technical assistance will be provided to districts identified by ISBE as needing additional supports related to their data on the special education state performance plan indicators. ISTAC will be in contact with districts as they are identified. Districts not identified for ISTAC support are welcome to participate in ISTAC regional training events as they are added to the statewide calendar. Please also consider registering for the Fall Leadership Conference on MTSS.


10 Guiding Principals Video Series


Principle 1- Establish an Effective Communication System Transcript


Principle 2- Use Visual Strategies and Environmental Supports Transcript -


Principle 3- Establish a Daily Schedule and Teach the Child How to Use It Transcript -


Principle 4- Use Applied Behavior Analysis to Determine the Communicative Function of the Child's Behavior Transcript - Video

Principle 5- Shape Self-Stimulatory Behavior Transcript -


Principle 6- Discrete Trial Instruction is a Useful Tool for Teaching Transcript -


Principle 7- Identify Reinforcers that are Effective for the Child with ASD -


Principle 8- Provide Frequent Choice-making Opportunities in the Classroom Transcript


Principle 9- Evaluate Your Programming Efforts on a Continual Basis Transcript


Principle 10- Keep Lines of Communication Open Between All Team Members Transcript






Idea Partnership

IDEA Partnership
Autism Spectrum Disorder Collection: Tools
Dedicated to improving outcomes for students and youth with disabilities through shared work and learning.




Bullying is a challenging issue that many schools and families are struggling with. Children with an autism spectrum disorder are especially at risk of being bullied. Please read and share this information with others.

Parents - A study on autism spectrum disorder and bullying is being conducted at Northern Illinois University. If you and your child are interested in participating, please contact them through this link


Announcing New Resources for Parents

Are you new to Autism Spectrum Disorders? Do you have a child recently diagnosed with an ASD? This 4-step Parent Guide is for you.

All parents with a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorders should have this helpful Illinois Parent Manual developed for and by Illinois parents.

ASD Parent Four Step Guide

Illinois Parent Guide 2012


Do you want to learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorders? Does your staff need professional development in autism?

Stay tuned for new registration and course information.

College Credit Courses Illinois State University:

Undergraduate – SED 193.04: Workshop in Special Education: Introduction to Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders – 3 credits

Graduate - SED 452: Graduate Workshop
Foundation Level Workshop in Autism and Related Disorders - 3 credits

*New Course Offering*

Graduate - SED 493.15: Graduate Wokrshop
Advanced Instructional Strategies in ASD - 3 credits (Prerequisite SED 452)

Registration and costs:
Email Nikki Michalak at Please provide name and contact information.

Stay tuned for new registration and course information.



IATTAP Mission

The Illinois Autism Training and Technical Assistance Project (IATTAP) is an initiative of the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and joins other ISBE initiatives as part of the Illinois Statewide Technical Assistance Center (ISTAC) providing training and technical assistance to schools in Illinois. Other ISTAC partners include

IATTAP focuses on educating and supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. The Project is operated under a grant to the School Association for Special Education in DuPage County (SASED) and its major goals are to:

1) Build local capacity to establish and implement effective educational supports and services in the least restrictive environment for children with ASD.

2) Promote a proactive approach to working with individuals with ASD and their families.

3) Help children with ASD remain with their families in their Welcome communities and become productive.

4) Increase the percentage of students on the Autism Spectrum who are educated in the general education classroom.

5) Increase the effective and meaningful involvement of parents in their children's education.



Kathy Gould, Project Director


First responders' training focuses on autism


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